Britons return to Greece

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After compaining about the quality of information released by some tourist organisations about the level of business they are doing, it comes a relief to be able to look at bank of Greece figures which give a clear picture of how tourism is performing in Greece.

Corfu – one opf the most popular Greek destinations for British holidaymakers

The information released by the bank suggests that we are still a little nervous about holidayinmg aborad but that the nervousness is declining.

In July, the bank said, the number of travellers from the UK rose by 49.9 percent to 268,000.

Overall, international visitors to Greece rose by 240.2% percent in July, (about 2.8 million) which suggests that Britons were still wary about travelling abroad compared to people from say Germany and France which made up the leading sources of visitor numbers.

That shows not only that Greece is boucing bank from the dire tourism figures of last year but also that we were holidaying in Greece again. But that the figures are still well down on those from 2019. Nonetheless, Greece can easily attract many more Britons once the traffic light system goes next month and there is less need to undertake the more expensive PCR testing on returning to the UK.

It suggests that the half term holiday break could be a lucrative time for the Greeks providing it manages to persuade us that we should holiday there rather than at another Mediterranean hotspot.

For the first seven months of the year, international visitorv numbers to Greece rose by almost 140% compared to 2020. Visitors from the UK rose only by by a smidge under 50% to 268,000.

Given that in a normal year over three million of us would head for Greece, it shows that travel – even to one of our favourite destinations – was muted in the first part of the year.

Yes, I know there were restrictions on where we could travel and there were testing measures that made travel more difficult but, even then, the numbers show that travel has a long way to go before it reaches 2019 levels again.

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