Canada – tourism is a discretionary reason

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Canada now says that you can travel and holiday in the country provided that you are double vaccinated because it has decided that tourism is a discretionary reason.

There will be more flights to Toronto this year now that visitor restrictions have been eased

Like the USA, Canada along with Australia and New Zealand – four countries in which a lot of Britons have friends and relatives – have been out-of-bounds for visitors.

Canada opened before the USA did leaving just Australia and New Zealand being unattainable for us ordinaty mortals.

But to to travel to Canada there are still regulations but no quarantine and no curfew provided you have had the full vaccination treatment. And unlike the USA, Canada accepts the Astra Zenica vaccine now called Vaxzevria whereas we still await offical news from the USA that they will accept Vaxevria.

The rules for entry say that must be fully vaccinated, that you a negative PCR test result taken no more than 72 hours before their scheduled flight Note this is at departure time from the UK not the arrival time in Canada.

Antigen tests, often called “rapid tests” are not acceptable.

You must log on to the ArriveCAN app or website and complete the forms there as well as adding proof of your jabs.

You also need to have a plan for your quarantine just in case border officials decide that you haven’t fulfilled the rules as they interpret them. This requires forethought and planning on the offchance it happens especially since any number of random visitors will be tested at the arrival airports.

If you aren’t fully vaccinated, then you will still be subject to quarantine plus you will be required to test before you leave the UK, on arrival and day eight. You also have to complete the ArriveCAN forms as well.

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