The Chelsea Flower Show

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Today the Chelsea Flower Show opens.

One of the balcony gardens – Arcadia. Image -RHS

This traditional event in the calendar is not so traditional this year, the event being held in the autumn rather on its more usual date of May.

And that could be one of the keys to its appeal this year.

Plants that were available in May will be in short supply so plants we rarely see at Chelsea could be at the fore this year providing different displays and very different blooms.

Gardens have had a big appeal for day-trippers and travellers for decades with Chelsea being one of the most famous. Those that are unable to visit the show in person are able to watch a daily show – usually on the BBC – whilst the event is on.

Locals in Chelsea know enough to try and avoid certain times in that part of London which gives a good indication of how popular it is.

As I said, Chelsea this year will be different, This year there will be a garden, The Florence Nightingale Garden – A Celebration of Modern Day Nursing, which considers the importance of gardens for wellbeing and recovery. But in Autumn what bright flowers can be around to brighten the russets and fading greens? You will be surprised to see just how many there are.

And what big house didn’t have its own medicinal herb garden?

During the pandemic, getting out and enjoying open spaces and the sights and smells of those areas became more important to us witness the number of people who have taken holidays this summer in the open air where it has been easier to have one’s own distancing. The M&G Garden aims to raise awareness of the increased need to introduce beautiful and restorative green spaces within our towns and cities, something that again we have come to appreciate during lockdowns.

Not all of us have gardens and greenery was missed during the enforced lockdowns so one area that might see lots of visitors could be the new Balcony Gardens and Container Gardens which will show different ways small outdoor spaces can be transformed. Even window boxes can make a substantial difference.

Some would say it isn’t cheap to go (that’s even if you can get tickets for your preferred day) but this is probably one Chelsea that will be different. With luck, it won’t be in September ever again!

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