Great British Beach Clean week

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Starting tomorrow is one of the more necessary chores of the year, Great British Beach Clean week which runs until the 26th of September.

why do people just leave things around without disposing of them properly? Even the eagulls haven’t taken the chips but I bet the rats will!

It shouldn’t be necessary but it is and, judging from the number of visitors there have been this year to my part of the world, the litter and waste will be even worse.

What is there about people that when they go on holiday they adopt habits they wouldn’t dream of using when they are at home? They seem to think that rubbish can be dropped anywhere as the picture shows.

This deep fat fryer complete with the odd chip or two was left next to a litter bin. There are only four homes that are occupied here, the rest being holiday homes so I know that it isn’t from our neighbours. And yes, although I don’t live next to a beach I do have hundreds of visitors as this is a walking, kayaking and wetland visiting area. But we still have more litter when visitors are around along with dog fouling. The beach visitoirs have gone; the walkers haven’t so we will have to contend with litter for a bit longer and then there will be a clear-up.

But, as I said, the beach clear-up begins tomorrow and anyone’s help would be appreciated.

Last year, 30% of beach cleans found face masks and PPE, and per 100m of beach, 425 litter items were found! The items were found by 2,124 volunteers who took part across 459 events across our countries.

More are needed and it is disappointing that there are no beach clean-ups within 40 miles of where I live despite having miles of coastline.

But then the volunteers here are clearing up the paths, the river banks and the woodland. Next year perhaps!

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