What is Lumo?

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Six weeks from today – on October 25th – you can travel from London to Edinburgh on Lumo.

The new Lumo train logo. Image Lumo

With the odd sounding name, Lumo is a low cost train supplier. Think easyJet and Wizz but on rail and you are just about there.

But unlike those and other airlines, Lumo is a 100% electric rail service and therefore greener than flight to Scotland. the trains being used are made by Hitachi and are similar to those used by GWR.

Owned by First Group and thus backed with plenty of experience in running open access train services through its ownership of Hull Trains as well as conventional ones like GWR and Avanti West Coast, Lumo could be the train service that people have been waiting for?


Not because it will travel city centre to city centre in between 4.2 and 4.5 hours, the same time as LNER and in about the same time it would take you to schlep out to one of London airports, queue, board a flight and then clear airport controls and take the bus or tram into the middle of Edinburgh.

No, it is because of the price and, secondly, the convenience of travelling straight from one city centre to another.

Fares will be as little as £14.90 each way but probably closer to £30 each way for most tickets. But if you book on their website or app now you can get a single journey for just £19.90 which is why Just about Travel is mentioning it now rather than closer to the time. You can book now at this rate for travel up to and including December 1st.

And in case you think that there will be just a few seats at this price, there will be at least 350 seats per service with only up to 50 seats per service for passengers without reservations.

I linked outward and return tickets for just £26.20 returning going out in October and returning two days later.,

It looks as though the maximum price you will pay is £69 each way after the promotions end.

With five services a week, the first train in the week leaves London at 10.45 (too late for business people to return on the same day) and from Edinburgh at 9.11 (again too late for business day trips)

But it is ideal for leisure travellers who don’t fancy driving all the way. Taking Lumo and hiring a car becomes a very viable economic alternative particularly if Lumo links up with a car hire company.

The significant feature of Lumo is that it is the first time a cheap service exists between two British capitals. Previous services like the lamented Wrexham and Shropshire Trains or Grand Central link cities where no air service feasibly exists. Lumo is talking on flight at a price that you used to be to get – and can still occasionally get – on planes.

Now what about a Lumo service lining London with Glasgow and others from Glasgow and Edinburgh to Cardiff?

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