Staycation demand is high

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According to three different polls conducted on behalf of Visit Leeds. Medicsport and LNER recently, the pent-up demand for holidays that we keep on hearing about does seem to exist.

Dragon’s Tooth Golf Course, Ballachulish. Golfing is now allowed again in Scotland so will holiday bookings for the summer follow?

This follows on from similar news delivered by Travel Counsellors last week.

The research from Visit Leeds suggests that 37.9% of people hope to travel in the UK as soon as lockdown restrictions have eased, while 40.7% plan on travelling one to three months after restrictions have eased. Over 78% of responders plan to travel before then end of summer.

Medicsport says that 49% people plan a staycation  with just 23% considering a holiday abroad. This latter figure is down on what might be expected ina “normal” year.

From the London North Eastern Railway (LNER) we learn that just 18% have no plans to go abroad so 82% either plan an overseas break or no holiday at all. 52% responders said there is so much of the UK they have not yet explored that “they’d be quite happy to holiday here for the rest of their days.”

Two-thirds of Britons, the survey reveals, have  missed being able to visit UK beauty spots during the past year with about 58% hoping that they will be able to visit soon.

It looks like the demand is there but whether staycations or overseas holidays are chosen is probably still up for grabs. If overseas travel becomes easy, people may switch especially if vaccination rollout suggests there is a lesser health risk.

But what do people want from a staycation?

Open air activities is one feature that many think will drive the demand for staycations.

Visit Leeds says that 41% of its responders said they can’t wait to shop at Leeds’ unrivalled breadth of retailers, which range from well-known high street stores to iconic luxury brands situated in breath-taking Victorian arcades.

Over a quarter of respondents meanwhile, stated an intent to visit the city’s numerous theatres, museums and galleries, while a further 25% are eager to reacquaint themselves with the city’s restaurants cafes, bars and dining scene.

Meanwhile, the private Covid testing company Medicspot has also completed some research which seems to demonstrate the qualms that people have. 59% will refuse to reschedule their trips again and will stay at home since some of them have already had to reschedule once, twice or even three times!  

It says that 63% of responders don’t want to holiday abroad until they are fully vaccinated. That could mean few overseas holidays in June or July.

In keeping with the other surveys it looks like about 40% of responders to this survey will only book at the last minute.

It certainly looks like the travel industry will only know if it will have a better year at the very last minute and it will only then know where people want to go.

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