Delay that early summer break?

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The British government has always made it clear that May 17th was the earliest date on which we could travel overseas.

Blackpool Tower
Anyone for Blackpool?

It seems to becoming clear that it will be later than that that when we can legally travel abroad.


Because the government is becoming increasingly concerned by the spiralling growth in cases on the continent and the fear that holidaymakers might bring it back with them.

But, you could argue, we will be largely vaccinated by then and shouldn’t herd immunity kick in?

But what constitutes herd immunity? As far as I can make out, it is a figure of between 60% and 90% of the total population not just of adults depending on which boffin you hear from. We will reach the upper range of those figures sometime in late June or in July according to the government’s own forecasts.

But will the EU? Unlikely based on their present performance.

Should we forget the EU for a break and go elsewhere?

There aren’t many places where vaccination rates might be higher, Israel, Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda the UAE and Chile are examples.

MP’s will vote on a new bill this week that will replace the “stay-at-home” policy that expires on March 29th. The new law will ban travel until the end of June unless rescinded by the government before then. Fines of £5,000 for breaking the rules will be introduced and quarantine will probably remain for those who have an acceptable excuse for travelling.

Good news for those involved in staycations; bad news for those whose only business is overseas travel.

The announcement on April 12th by the taskforce on travel set up by the government looks like being key to future travel plans.

Whilst some of the rules being introduced this week will apply only to England, the devolved nations will also be wary of opening unilaterally or later given the porous nature of borders so overseas travel will probably be an agreed date by all parties.

What we might have in late June will be something similar to last year. We can go to some places but not others and the decision on where we can go is dependent on the number of cases and vaccination levels.

For ordinary mortals like us, I repeat my pessimism of yesterday. On this, the anniversary of when the first lockdown was announced by Boris, I can’t see overseas travel being an option until late in the summer and those views will only alter if EU nations vaccinate faster and no new strain with increased virulence appears.

Anyone for Blackpool this summer?

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