Cyprus: vaccinated Britons welcome from 1st of May

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According to the Cyprus News Agency, Savvas Perdios, the deputy minister of tourism in Cyprus has said that the country will allow vaccinated Britons to travel there from May 1st without having to quarantine on arrival.

The NHS proof of vaccination card with details on the reverse side

This policy covers only those that have had both vaccinations which will be those Britons that had the first vaccination before the end of January. I suppose that means that those that have had only one jab will have to face quarantine.

That Britons are not allowed to travel abroad on holiday until May 17th is immaterial really since the announcement must have been designed to encourage us to book to holiday there. Don’t think you can go to Cyprus the first day after having the second jab. You must have had it seven days prior to entry said Perdios.

What will need to be agreed between the Cypriot and the British governments is what evidence needs to be produced to show that we have had the vaccinations.

When you get a jab, you get given an NHS card which, on the reverse, gives you the date of the two vaccinations, the name of the vaccine and the batch numbers given on both dates. Will this in conjunction with a passport be sufficient evidence? A scan of the relevant side uploaded to an official Cypriot government website should be all that is needed but will it?

The Cypriot government will probably be concerned about fake cards and these are bound to be around just as there as fake PCR negative test documentation circulating on the net. Probably hen there will have to be something more “official.”

Giving two months’ notice of entry requirements means that some official procedure should be able to be designed and put in place

About three weeks ago, Cyprus arranged a similar deal with Israel and Israelis are expected to be able to visit as from April 1st. If that date holds, surely all that needs to be done is to copy the system that the Israelis and the Cypriots have agreed.

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