St David’s Day 2021

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Last year I had just trotted off to the village hall for a bowl of cawl, some cheese, tea and some barra brith for St David’s Day and lockdown began shortly afterwards. That was the last community event in the village.

the National St David’s Day march in Cardiff in a previous year. No marches anywhere in the UK this year!

That celebration won’t be replicated this year since lockdown continues.

This year there will be no village hall get-together, no outside events, no theatre, no choirs rehearsing for eisteddfods or concert performances.

What St David’s Day celebrations are there this year?

If there are any in villages, towns or cities they will be largely online.

The National Library of Wales has loaded 190 items from its vast collection onto the Google Arts & Culture website, being the first national Welsh cultural organisation to do so.

It is possible, to view the first music manuscript of the Welsh national anthem – Hen Wlad fy Nhadau – whilst at the same time listening to the very first recording.

The loading hasn’t just been done for St David’s Day. The library will continue loading items over the coming months so you’ll see paintings, manuscripts all curated in their historical contexts.

From the Welsh week celebrations organised by the misnamed London Wales Week, misnamed because they organise events around the world in conjunction with their partners. Last year events were planned in Paris, Melbourne, New York, Essex, Ohio, Newcastle, Pittsburgh, Berkshire, Dublin, British Columbia, Germany, Kansas, New England, Dubai, Beijing, Tokyo and Hong Kong wit the last four having to be cancelled because of the pandemic.

This year, settle for participating online but next year there should be events back to being live and ones we can attend.

There is stand-up comedy which can watch from your own sofa with you only having to move to get more tea (or something stronger) and snacks. You can watch on the YouTube channel or book a free Zoom ticket for 8pm tonight and see Welsh comics performing in the comfort of their homes – exactly where they don’t really want to be since all stand-ups rely on interaction with their audiences.

Sculptor Andrew Logan (who has his own museum in mid-Wales) has created a large sculptural cross, (see the image to get an idea of the size) Remember Me, just in time for St David’s Day and which he will loan to the cathedra in St Davids. 

The cross features a resin casting of the Green Man’s face at its centre, surrounded by bronze painted leaves mounted on a blue and green mirrored sun base.  A rising blue sun tops the pieces and the shaft of the cross is decorated with pieces of varnished mulberry wood taken from a fallen 400-year-old tree in the Archdeaconry garden in St Davids Cathedral Close. 

Andrew Logan with the cross he is lending to the cathedral in St David’s

The tree pieces have red mirror discs embedded, representing the bleeding of nature and various stones gifted to Andrew from countries around the world – from all four Home Nations to as far afield as Russia, Australia, India, Thailand and Morocco. Remember Me includes three statues of people holding planet earth in their hands, a metallic plaque of the Welsh Dragon, a sculpture of St David, a pair of hands which flash with red light and a white dove made in Logan’s signature style of mosaic pieces of mirror, glass and resin.

Incidentally, Logan’s museum with its range of sculpture, art and jewellery is well worth a visit when we are able to travel again. Above all I want to see his humorous portrait of the artist Maggi Hambling seen in the context of her statue of Oscar Wilde (I aways think it looks like Wilde in his bath) smoking which can be seen (minus cigarette unlike this picture which has Hambling with her inevitable one) behind St Martin’s in the Fields in London.

Other celebrations of St David’s Day are usually held across the world. This year it might be different so overseas readers will need to check through their local Welsh societies.

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