Clacton-on-Sea celebrations

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During next week and by the beginning of March, Clacton-on-Sea in Essex will celebrate its 150th anniversary.

the Clacton Wheel is now being tested prior to the opening
the Anniversary Wheel being tested prior to opening

Before readers remark that Clacton must have had habitation long before that date, the anniversary is to celebrate the founding of the Clacton urban area in 1871.

Prior to that date there had been villages and hamlets dating back to Palaeolithic times but it was a man named Peter Bruff who built a pier, a hotel and a street plan that caused Clacton-on-Sea to come about near the older places of Little and Great Clacton. And a seaside resort was born.

But how to record that 150th celebration?

By installing an anniversary wheel (Clacton Eye?) 

Measuring over 30 metres high and 20 metres wide , the wheel will be situated within the grounds of the Clacton Pavilion with views across the seafront and the town.

It will consist of 24 gondolas, able to hold a total of 144 people at a time, with many adapted for wheelchair access. But in a switch from more conventional projects, local businesses can sponsor gondolas with half of the monies raised going to local charities.

The Clacton Pavilion combines a fun park, a tenpin bowling alley and what the organisations claims is the largest waterpark in Clacton and a restaurant overlooking the sea. Now with the Clacton Eye as well to attract visitors, come the tourist season more people will be visiting the town if the success of wheels in other places is anything to go by!

But when will it open to the public? That is in the hands of the government and when they say which parts of the lockdown can be lifted:

UPDATE: 22 February 2021. The roadmap announced by the government today suggests that the Wheel might be open from 12th April provided that the timetable can be followed.

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