Hong Kong super-fans

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What is a super-fan?

Chinese new year festivities in London a few years ago

One possible definition is that it is a person who is fanatical and passionate in their support for something they adore.

Those are the sort of people that the Hong Kong Tourist Board is seeking to reveal to readers, listeners and their followers the best things to see and do, experience and wonder about Hong Kong.

It launched the idea about ten days ago in readiness for today – Chinese New Year.

The idea was to stimulate interest in Hong Kong allied with an invitation for those who have been there before to return and for those who have never visited the region to come and see for themselves.

But, although the planning was done months ago, few can travel in the near future so the best that can be expected of the plan is that it makes us all aware of the range of tourist offers available to the visitor.

Initially though, the plan will concentrate on Chinese New Year and today, news media will probably bring you images and stories linked to how Chinese New Year is being celebrated in the country where you live.

In the UK for example, there used to be big processions in London and Manchester just to name two places. In my local Chinese restaurant, the owner used to put on a special performance of Chinese dance for diners and the fortune cookies all seemed to have uplifting forecasts.

In London this year, there are virtual offers on YouTube and a run-through of previous new year celebrations because, of course, there will be no crowds congregating near Covent Garden and the only Chinese meals will be take-aways.

The super-fan promotion is the first part of the recovery plan that the tourist authority is implementing to try and keep Hong Kong in the minds of potential visitors so that when we can travel again, Hong Kong is at the top of our lists.

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