February 22nd could be the day

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This afternoon, Boris Johnson said that he was “optimistic” that people can enjoy simmer holidays this year.

we are good to go but when?

But then he would say that wouldn’t he!

Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, implied the same thought earlier in the day as did the boss of Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, but his forecasting skills have been dubious over the last year.

At a time when optimism rather than pessimism is what politicians have largely decided is what we need in order to cheer everyone up, he was never going to say that there was no chance was he?

And, no sooner than he has uttered that sentence, he said that it all depends on what happens over the following months. That’s the cold water bit.

Summer holidaying in the UK I would have thought was very likely.

Whether we can holiday abroad is not completely up to us. It depends on what overseas governments say and there, two things matter. The first is whether they believe that the British variant of the virus inn under control both in the UK and in their country. The second is whether they can vaccinate sufficient numbers of their residents so that the feel comfortable in letter us visit them.

Boris will tell us on the 22nd of February, he says, more details about summer holidays. That will be now become a key day. People will mark it on their calendars, punch it into their mobile alarms and start counting down the days.

Frankly, I think overseas summer holidays will happen and I think that for two reasons. Firstly the vaccination process is going well and even the EU is ramping up numbers so that by July and August we could all be in a similar state. Those aged between 18 and 50 should be largely be vaccinated by then and that will be key since entry may be used in being able to produce some proof of vaccination.

Secondly many European countries will not want to miss another summer season so I think that Portugal, Spain, Greece and Italy in particular will want to see Britons return and will move heaven and earth to get this to come about.

As for travelling further afield, that may still be in the lap of the gods.

It seems that masks and social distancing might be with us for a while longer according to some medics so will people really want to spend ten or fifteen hours in flight wearing a mask? The Americans have said that, on cruises out of their ports, passengers must wear masks. Will that be acceptable to passengers on three, five and seven day cruises?

In some countries, new variants may spring up or the vaccination process may stall so I don’t you can expect every destination to be available.

But there will be enough countries that will probably be open and, for that, we can be grateful. Roll on the 22nd!

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