Far to early to know

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The view of UK governments has generally been that the prospect of summer holidays is too far away to be considered.

Are you booking, thinking or not bothering?

That was reinforced when the Westminster government trotted out the vaccines minister, Nadhim Zahawi, on Tuesday to make a round of media interviews.

Governments are being careful about looking too far into the future having been caught by incorrect prophecies before. Governments might also be concerned about the reactions of people if they display too much optimism. What they fear more than anything is that people might become lax about social distancing, washing hands and wearing masks so that even more people catch COVID-19 and die putting more strain on the health services and lengthening the recovery period.

What then should we travellers and holidaymakers do? Do we delay booking a break until we are certain we can travel? Do we only consider staycations? Do we forget about holidays in 2021 entirely? 

Personally, I have yet to book anything but I have been tempted by one or two deals that are around.

About a fortnight I wrote that the roll-out of vaccines gave hope and that there had been an upsurge in bookings. That upsurge has tailed off a bit as people react to news stories, the comments by politicians and how they feel day to day.

Buy you can book with a little drop of confidence because most tour operators and airlines will roll-over your holiday dates at no cost if travel at the holiday time is not allowed. Pick then, a company that offers that reassurance if you are considering booking. Be wary though about what providers attitude is to local lockdowns. With devolved decision-making as well as regional or local lockdowns not being considered as acceptance for delaying a holiday, ask a provider what their attitudes are before you make a decision.

Considering or even booking a holiday I have found to be a welcome change from doing the same old, same old each day. It’s a heck of a lot better than watching online videos of destinations because actually planning makes a holiday a closer possibility.

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