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The announcement of stricter lockdowns seems to be persuading people not to book holidays

What shall I do about a holiday? Image – Musée Rodin

Easter is certainly being affected.

It isn’t just the UK and Ireland that are being affected.

Stricter measures imposed by countries that traditionally are responsible for large numbers of overseas holiday takers like Germany and the Netherlands are affecting bookings on a European basis.

Some holiday companies will tell you that business is good but there is a lot of bravado doing the rounds.

It was helped when the Australian airline, Qantas, announced that it would start taking bookings for UK flights in July whereas previously, there was a thought that it wouldn’t be until the end of the year.

As it is and within 24 hours the Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that health experts have said that international travel won’t open by July!

No wonder the holidaying public is confused.

Judging by advertisements on television, in the Sunday media, on radio and social media, travel advertising is strong but what are bookings really like?

It is obvious that half-term holidays are off which takes us to Easter. As I wrote a few days ago, it is up-in-the-air as to whether countries will open up by then.

If you listed to Professor Chris Whitty on the Tuesday evening press briefing, then you will have heard him say that there might need to be some restrictions next winter although nowhere near as severe as those in place now.

I had planned an Australian trip in May which had been deferred from last September. I now think that it won’t happen so am looking at next September. That and summer breaks look more likely rather than Easter

On the positive side there are some good deals out there for this summer if you look for them. Some villa owners have deals up to 55% off their normal rates.

The industry seems to have decided that discounting will secure bookings. They are just hoping they don’t have to give refunds when the time comes!

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