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If you are confused about where and where you can’t travel, then you are not alone.

Aphrodite Rock in Cyprus
Cyprus’s Aphrodite Rock. Cyrus is now off our travel plans

According to research from the insurance company, AllClear, about two-thirds of us have no idea which countries might be considered safe or unsafe to travel to by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).

Yet nearly 60% of the people responding to the survey said that they planned on holidaying abroad next year. Perhaps they felt that by then the pandemic would be a distant, nightmarish memory and that life would be back to normal.

With differing views from the four governments over summer about where we could and couldn’t fly it is no surprise that there was confusion. Although the governments now largely sing from the same hymn sheet about where we can go, this recent survey demonstrates that we still aren’t sure.

Between six and eight per cent of all responders felt that we could safely travel to France, Italy, Spain and Portugal whereas that is not the case. How 8% think we could travel to the USA is surprising given the daily stories of coronavirus cases topping 74,000 on average over the last week.

But if you look at the countries correctly identified as places to which we could travel, some such as Australia have closed their borders to us because of the high infection rate we have.

Responders placed Norway at the top of the list that we could visit although people from the UK must quarantine for ten days on arrival. Second and third were Australia followed by Cyprus. At the time of the survey, you could travel there. Last evening, it was announced that the FCDO advises against it and that people returning would have to go into quarantine if they arrived after 4am on November 1st.  Incidentally, Lithuania has also been added to the no-travel list.

As AllClear point out, “consumers need simpler, clearer guidance” and that has not been the case for most of the latter half of this year as politicians go down different paths.

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