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Given that the pandemic is lasting longer and deeper than many industry bodies and politicians had believed, the CAA has given passengers more guidance about refund credit notes.

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Bringing vouchers into the ATOL scheme for a longer period would give confidence

As readers will know, initially credit notes and vouchers were offered and publications like Just about travel advised people not to accept them. This was because there were doubts about whether they would be honoured in the case of the supplier going bust.

The CAA then stepped in and said that the vouchers would be treated under the ATOL scheme and thus there would be protection. At the time it stated that vouchers issued between March 10th and September 30th would be part of the scheme but that they needed to be used by September 30th 2021 or they run out.

Now vouchers issued up until December 31st would also be protected but that they must still be used by September 30th 2021.

So, you can safely accept a voucher secure in the knowledge they are protected.

That the CAA took until well into October before announcing the change won’t have endeared itself to either passengers or tour operators who have had to fend off queries from people anxious to know about whether they had protection.

It seems unlikely that the pandemic will magically cease during this winter  even if a vaccine is successfully developed so perhaps the CAA could let passengers and the travel trade know of its decision well before the end of the year.

The obvious thing for it to do would be to extend its protection on vouchers issued up until just after Easter which is in early April 2021 and say that the vouchers would be valid up until the end of Easter 2022.

That at least, would give notice to the travel industry that it would be supported. At the same time it would give confidence to travellers and holidaymakers that their monies were also protected.

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