Disney opens in Florida

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Today in Florida, Disney will start re-openings it attractions in Florida on a staggered basis.

image of castle at Disney World
Disney re-opens today

From today, Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom will open and then in five days’ time EPCOT and Hollywood Studios open on July 15.

With 75,000 employees and visitor numbers in the millions, organising a re-opening is no small task. Organising a re-opening that includes social distancing, and providing confidence to both staff and visitors that they will be safe from catching the virus is a very tall order. How do you safely monitor millions of people?

The short answer is that whatever Disney tries will be difficult and theme parks around the world will watch what happens given that Florida is one of the US states that is seeing a rise in both cases and deaths.

Before Disney opened their China and Tokyo parks, the virus was under much more control than it is in Florida. Opening now is a more risky affair. What happens if a person catches the virus and can prove it was whilst in the complex? A very expensive lawsuit.

It matters little to Britons and the Irish that Disney is opening. The UK government seems unlikely to add the USA to it green list of countries we can visit for some time. The Irish government has yet to publish its green list but I’d be prepared to bet that the USA won’t be on their list either. The EU doesn’t have the USA on its list of countries it suggests people could visit.

In all, I can’t see many people from this side of the pond visiting Florida in the next few months.

But then Disney relies heavily on the domestic market for the many billion that it makes in Orlando. It must be opening that others states don’t follow the lead of those states in the north east of the country and turn away people who have travelled from Florida and are returning from it.

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