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The list of places to where we can travel without having to quarantine on our return is altering again.

an image of Brtish Columbia
British Columbia. The open spaces might be attracting more of us to travel to Canada?,

Barely 24 hours after the first list, along popped another.

This time it has added two countries, Estonia and Latvia which had been omitted although Lithuania had been included. The three opened their borders to each other a while ago and are popular destinations for stag and hen parties as well as holidaymakers visiting three countries in one holiday.

Slovenia, Slovakia and Serbia have been added to the list but Bulgaria and Romania are still missing. When it was announced on the 3rd of July that the Czech Republic had been added, I wondered why its neighbour Slovakia was missing. I still wonder and prompted to put it down to ineptitude or – and this is more likely – that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office didn’t talk to the Department for Transport which issued the first list.

Do they have no-one in these two departments who look at geographies and levels of infection in neighbouring countries?

Canada is now on the list and is the only North American country that is.

In the Far East, Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan and Singapore have been added to the list although Singapore does seem to have a secondary spread of the virus. That it seems to be contained in areas of high density housing where foreign workers live  and thus an unlikely pass for tourists to go seems to be the reason why it has been included.

There is still no place for Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia despite them all being on the list issued by the EU early last week of places that EU travellers could visit provided the individual members of the EU agreed. All three have low incidence levels of the virus. Algeria has had 946 deaths, Morocco – 232 – and Tunisia, just 50 deaths. But Tunisia does view the UK as being on their amber list.  UK visitors must submit, before boarding a flight to Tunisia, a  negative nasal swab test and will be subject to self-quarantine for a 14-day period.

That is indicative of what passengers might face even going to some of the countries that are on the cleared list for travel.

Readers are strongly advised to look at the destinations they are thinking of travelling to and checking the local regulations before they even book a holiday.

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