The Caribbean re-opens

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Virtually all of the Caribbean islands are re-opening for tourism.

hump back whale
The hump-back whale sanctuary on the coast of the Dominican Republic is awaiting your visit

Luckily most of the island nations weren’t badly affected as was Europe and South America.

The Dominican Republic – a popular destination for just under 200,000 Britons and Irish each year – re-opens today. As long ago has February it was planning on how to handle the pandemic and introduced a curfew as well as restrictions on people gathering together. Now it has a number of videos available on its website so that you can see what you, as a visitor, can expect to see to help you stay protected but still enjoy the country and its attractions.

It is also one of 45 countries that is trying to set up air bridges with the UK to try and minimise disruption to travel.

One island not visited by many Britons, Aruba – the Dutch Caribbean island-nation – has been open for a fortnight and, like other destinations has set up its own plans to help visitors. It’s Aruba Health & Happiness Code, is a strict cleaning and hygiene certification programme that will be mandatory for all its tourism-related businesses. The certification will be displayed prominently on all tourism related businesses.

Aruba in party mood – is it because they are waiting for British visitors?

On arrival at the airport there will be screening facilities, temperature checks, on-site medical professionals, social distance markers and additional shields and safeguards. For airport staff there is mandatory PPE training. Even your taxi to your accommodation will have to carry the certification so if you don’t see the sign don’t use that taxi but, in truth, there will be very few if any taxis that won’t be certified. Tourism is too important to the island for taxi drivers or any other tourism driven groups not to get certified.

Costa Rica has become increasingly popular with British holidaymakers. Last year, 78,562 visitors arrived from the UK. Like other destinations, the country has a tourism recovery plan in place. There are 16 health protocols for the safe reopening of some of the country’s most popular tourism areas and, by and large they are similar with those most destinations are issuing but tailored for the country’s unique tourism offerings. There are guidelines on the use of face masks in public and private transport; the cleaning and disinfection of the equipment in tours and sports such as water sport activities; and how to apply social distancing rules when kayaking or white water rafting, for example.

Costa Rica
Costa Rica is also awiting your visit

As the Caribbean opens up it just is waiting for one for vital ingredient – you to visit it.

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