The Bournemouth guinea pigs

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For the last couple of days we have had hot weather.

Bournemouth beach
Bournemouth on a a previous sunny day when social distancing didn’t matter

People responded in England by flocking to certain beaches. In Bournemouth yesterday there were supposedly half-a-million people on beaches along the Dorset coast.

It was reported that Brighton, Southend and other beaches were busy if not packed.

Half-a-million people can’t follow social distancing rules. Well they might if the distance was a few centimetres!

What it means is that all those who crammed into Bournemouth have exposed themselves to a potential spike in coronavirus cases. If it comes about we will know that we aren’t out of the woods yet. If there are an insignificant number of cases over what might be expected then others might wonder what the fuss is about. One way or the other we will know something!

But if there is a spike and the tourism industry gets hit again and we face lock-downs or tightened rules, then those half million should feel thoroughly disgusted with themselves.

As it is it is becoming increasingly difficult to persuade people to follow the guidelines. Many feel they have been locked up for too long. Medical experts worry about the mental effect on us whilst educationalists worry about the effect on children missing so much schooling.

Some weeks ago it was leaked that government wondered whether they would see riots as people’s anger erupted at being so tightly controlled. By and large people have followed the advice.

To face a retightening of our lives may not be so easy to resolve.

Perhaps we had all better hope that the Bournemouth guinea pigs don’t cause a spike in the pandemic otherwise we can kiss goodbye to staycations let along a holiday in Europe.

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