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The most popular destinations for those living in the UK and Ireland are the islands that make up the Canaries. Just about every regional airport used to have direct links to Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Tenerife and that will surely return as the virus recedes.

Lanzarote is one of the Canaries hoping to see us this summer

From the end of this month we may be allowed to fly there again and both easyJet and Ryanair are planning to have about 40% of their flights operational next month.

As we seem to be on a downward trajectory in Europe at least, many destinations including the Canaries, the government and tourist organisations has come up with a range of measures not just to protect us but to try and ensure we can have a good holiday as well.

The islands have seen just 109 cases per 100,000 people, very much lower than the UK with 481 and Ireland, 516 cases per 100,000 and their quarantine period will be lifted from July 1st.

If you travel there in July, not all hotels will have re-opened; that isn’t expected until October but about 50% of them will be open during the peak months. Rental properties will also open in July.

Before you fly, the Canaries would prefer it if, sometime between 72 and 48 hours before you fly you have a coronavirus test and carry a document stating that you have tasted negative. On showing this on arrival you will be given an incentive or a prize for having had a test. It could be vouchers for attractions, discounted meals but it will be something that you can only use on the islands.

There will be temperature testing on arrival and any passengers showing symptoms will be required to stay at the airport in a secure area until testing has taken place.

No visitor will pay for coronavirus testing at least during the summer holiday period.

If you test positive for the virus you will be taken to a villa/bungalow where you will stay for a quarantine period. If you need hospital treatment, both state and private hospitals can be used.

Whilst you are on the islands, masks should be worn and Spain has announced that masks should be worn, where appropriate, until a vaccine is found.

In restaurants and bars you will find no paper menus on the table but menus might take the form of apps and, because of social distancing obligations, they will stay open for longer hours so many more people can eat than might be expected..

Trails, paths and beaches are already open for access but if you opt for a smaller beach, then there will regulations in place to stop and excessive number of people going onto the beach.

With these measures, the Canaries are hoping that you will return to the islands this summer. And continue returning year after year.  

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