Holidaying in the great outdoors

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Over a million of us in the UK have caravans and camper homes.

Glamping aka glamorous camping could be the holiday choice for 2020

Owners are regularly ridiculed for the way caravans hold up the traffic and make it difficult for car users to overtake them on narrow, country lanes.

That ridicule might be about to end. I might never say a rude thing about caravan owners again.


Because they could be the most likely people to be able to take holidays this year.

Think about it. They are in a confined space, can practice social distancing form other people at night and don’t need to go to restaurants, cafes or mix with other people.

When the lockdown is listed they could just jump in their cars towing caravans or driving the camper homes to some of the prettiest destinations in the UK whilst the rest of us wonder about the positives and negatives of staying in a hotel.

Campers are in a similar position. Cocooned in a tent – and some are luxurious these days – owners are self-distancing on a safer scale than almost anyone else. Except camper home owners and caravanners. 

Those who like walking, hiking and rambling will also benefit. My part of the world sees thousands of walkers each year from spring to autumn. The season might start late for them this year but they will also be the other big winners after the lockdown is lifted. They will not be tarred with the same brush as those second home owners who sneaked in during the lockdown or just before it started.

They can socially distance themselves as the walk the paths and bridleways, tracks and fields, forests and woods, national parks and headlands knowing that even in normal times they wouldn’t see many others. They can stay in self-contained B&B’s static mobile homes, converted farm outbuildings and log cabins.

Glamping which has always been seen in my eyes as just like hotel accommodation without room service is suddenly looking appealing.

Yes, this looks like a good year for all those who don’t like the idea of hotels or large guest houses, those who abhor crowds and for those who want to see more of the great outdoors.

As long as it’s in the UK!

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