An Easter break like no other

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Today is Good Friday, the start of a three or four day holiday in normal times.

But these aren’t normal times.

I’ve had dozens and dozens of Easter breaks over the years. They have involved stays in hotels, on a campsite and sleeping in the back of an estate car but with the seats down so I can stretch out. I have been with friends on occasion, sometimes with family and sometimes on my own. Some have in cold climes and others in warm ones.

Sometimes I have not had a break but worked through them and those I thought were the strangest. Or most unuual.

But Easter 2020 will be the different one, the one that I and probably just about every other person will remember.

The grandchildren won’t be visiting nor will they each be exploring a floor of the house to see where we had hidden umpteen small Easter eggs and we won’t be having a leg of lamb to feed ten.

We’ll be staying at home as should all people in the UK.

But not everyone is following the guidelines.

Surprisingly, Greater Manchester Police broke up 660 parties last weekend and there were 1,132 coronavirus-related breaches reported to them just between Saturday and Tuesday. Even more surprisingly the force said that there were 166 street parties.

On top of that Surrey police stopped a speeding motorist doing 130mph on the M25. (That’s speed you could never achieve on a normal day – even Easter Sunday!). But the driver’s excuse was a gem and I’m sure he couldn’t believe that what he was saying was true. According to Surrey police he claimed that he thought that the faster he drove, the less chance he would have of catching coronavirus!

There are still idiots who aren’t obeying guidelines coming not from politicians but from health experts.

To all our readers, enjoy Easter but whilst it might be one like no other making it a safe one and act responsibly.

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