Don’t travel abroad

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Today the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has issued a travel advisory to all those living the UK advising against all travel anywhere in the world.

The FCO advises against all overseas travel

What this means is that if you do travel, your insurance policy will almost certainly be invalid and you will not be able to claim on it. But then you also have to find a flight, a ferry or a railway still operating services to where you want to go and that might not be too easy.

If you do need to travel thoroughly check your travel insurance as there are some that will not heed the FCO advice although they are few and far between and usually expensive as well.

The reason for such a stark and uncompromising statement is obviously due to coronavirus.

In the statement which can read by clicking here (or going to there is also a concern that if you do travel, the destination in which you are might suddenly impose isolation procedures and you might be stuck there for some time.

If you do not heed the advice then you may have to make your own way back becuase the government may not repatriate you. It says on the website, ” We only organise assisted departure in exceptional circumstances. ”

Isn’t this an exceptional circumstance?

If you have a booking to go overseas in the next month or so, (who can see further ahead than that?) contact your airline, travel agent or tour operator about cancelling.

As a rule of thumb, either claim a refund or alter the date of travel to later this year BUT not after December 31st 2020 if your travel is to an EU country as nobody knows what rules might be in place then.

Don’t accept vouchers because if the company with which are booked goes bust – and some almost certainly will – you probably won’t be able to get your money back.

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