Happy Christmas

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To all our readers wherever they are in the world, have a very enjoyable and peaceful Christmas.

cartoon of beach and Merry Christmas
It looks a mild Christmas Day for 2017 in most parts of the UK and Ireland – just like last year in fact

To those readers in the UK and Ireland, our weather patterns seem to be relatively mild compared to what some of our readers have faced. But the incessant rain of this autumn and winter has resulted in some readers facing flash flooding and even a tornado that hit Chertsey this last weekend!

We have readers in Australia, some of who we know are volunteer bush fighters who have performed almost superhumanly over the last month in trying to stem the fires.

There are readers in Italy, Portugal, Spain and Southern France who have had to cope with flooding and torrential rain in the last few weeks as well as those in Switzerland and the mountains of Italy and Austria who have had heavy snowfall.

Some North American readers have dealt with heavy snow and freezing temperatures with Winnipeg in Canada reporting temperatures many degrees below freezing in the middle of the day.

Wherever our readers are, we hope that you Christmas is a great deal quieter than recent events and that is very enjoyable for you all.  

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