French strikes tomorrow

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Whatever the inns and outs of the almost general strike in France over pensions, visitors and travellers to France will find the next week could be trying if you are trying to get around.

Check for cancellations on Eurostar. Eurotunnel seems unaffected so far

From tomorrow morning there will be a strike which will cover all means of transport to and within France.

Eurostar has cut a number of services until December 10th so if you planning any Christmas shopping or visiting the markets be aware and check which services may or may not be running. British Airways, EasyJet, Flybe and Ryanair have already cancelled a number of flights as hasAir France itself. If you are flying into Paris in order to catch a long-haul flight then in the next few days check that both flights are running. At present, short-haul-flights and domestic ones are more likely to be cancelled rather than long-haul ones.

In the larger cities, some local rail services may be running but there will probably be longer times between journeys. You can expect these services to change during the days as long officials gauge how many people will turn up for work.

With express and international rail services there have already been a number of cancellations (estimates are that two-thirds of services will be cancelled)   

The ports are also affected so there will be fewer ferries although ferry crews are not part of the strike but port workers are. Brittany Ferries has cancelled a couple of crossings tomorrow to St Malo and Le Havre. If you have a ferry journey planned check because this strike is classed as “unlimited” meaning it could go on for days. On that point, the unions will meet tomorrow to decide whether to continue the strike and that will probably depend on how many people turn out and march or strike and what public sympathy is likely to be. Potentially it could end tomorrow or it could continue for some time.

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