Avoiding WTM

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Today is the first Monday in November. Many readers will be wondering why on earth I am telling you that, a piece of knowledge probably known to all of you.

The Qatar stand at WTM in 2018. It had little tourism in 1993 when I first went. Still small it has big ideas for the future

It also means that the World Travel Market,(WTM) one of the biggest travel trade shows in the world opens in London’s docklands. It means that about 45,000 people will descend on that small part of London around the Excel Centre to discuss all forms of travel and what the future holds.

And I won’t be there!

For about 25 years, November has meant WTM. Initially it was to Earl’s Court that we all went to find out what was happening in the travel world and then it moved to the ExCel Centre. The journey became longer and the hotel prices rocketed but we still crammed the tube lines, the DLR and the buses to get there anxious to find stories for our readers. Or at least try and keep up-to-date with what was going on.

But not for me in 2019.

Not from me will you get images of the latest promotion straplines or hints of future promotions about new ideas, anniversaries, celebrations and attractions.


Swaziland changed its name to Eswatini and trumpeted the fact in 2018 at WTM

Because I decided to go to Australia instead.

And, this year, I didn’t go to the other big travel show – ITB – in Berlin either.

The reason I am visiting neither of them is much the same. After 25 years I have found that trying to have forty or so appointments in just a couple of days is sapping. Missing press conferences because they clash with others has always meant that deciding what to attend becomes a chore. There are too many dinners that clash the result being that you leave exhausted and ploughing through notes trying to remember who was whom.

This year because of a personal problem I am missing WTM but it doesn’t worry me. That’s untrue – it does slightly and what I have written prior to this paragraph is to invent some sort of justification for it.

the Dominican Republic has it all it claimed last year

But the more I think about it the more I think its sensible for my readers. By contacting people afterwards I can talk to them when they have more time and are less stressed. You will still get stories but there won’t be so many compressed into such a short space of time.

But will I still think the same when November 2020 comes around?

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