Morocco looks to the French

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It has been estimated by the tourist authority in Morocco that about a hundred thousand Britons would have travelled by Thomas Cook  which is about one-in-seven of all British visitors to the country.

How Morocco promotes itself in the UK

They will not now arrive, or at least not courtesy of Thomas Cook, so the rush is on to fill the gap so that the country’s important tourist industry won’t suffer unduly during the winter.

By the summer, other companies, it is hoped, will have filled the gap and he Britons will return. Until then –what?

The country is relying on the French by encouraging airlines ( not they need much encouragement if they can pick up some easily acquired passengers) to fill the gap.

easyJet will operate two flights a week each from Nantes and Nice to Agadir and Tangiers as well as linking Toulouse to Agadir three times a week. There will be a twice weekly flight from Lyon to Tangiers by the same airline.

Ryanair will fly from Toulouse to Tangiers and also to Oujda, as well as flying from Bordeaux and Marseilles to Essaouira twice a week.

The Dutch airline, Transavia, will fly from Paris-Orly to Ouarzazate two times a week while Spanish low budget airline Volotea will connect Strasbourg to Marrakech and Nantes and Tangier twice a week.

As airlines rather than tour operators why aren’t they looking at filling the gaps between the UK and Morocco. easyJet, for example, operates between 979 cities and already has flights into Morocco. They are taking on staff from Thomas Cook at drop-in sessions last week and this so why not consider the country for further expansion especially since they have a holiday division.

Ryanair hasn’t been as successful with its packaged holiday side but since it also flies into Morocco should it also not consider expansion and try and mop up some of the Thomas Cook market?

The other obvious candidate to move into the UK-Morocco market is Jet 2 and its holiday side because they have little if no business in the country and certainly no flights there. They were also recruiting Thomas Cook staff last week at a variety of locations and Morocco could be a good location for them to expand into given that British holidaymakers to Morocco come disproportionately from airports in the UK which Jet 2 serves.

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