National Customer Service Week

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From next Monday until the end of the week it is National Customer Service Week.

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Is a belief in customer service anything more than lip service © Dan Sperrin

You may not have known next week would be  an eventful week to remind us of the importance of customer service because apart from the Institute of Customer Service (ICS) publicising the fact, few other organisations seem to be doing the same.

Five years ago the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Customer Service was set-up. Looking through the list of parliamentary committees that exist today I couldn’t find it. If you go to the ICS website and try to read the minutes of the last meeting an “Error 404” message comes up. Has anything happened since 2016? It doesn’t look like it.

If parliamentarians take such little notice of customer service (other than in individual speeches) to support a committee is it any wonder that industry at large takes just lip-service about it?

In the last couple of weeks we have seen a high standard of service from the travel industry. Thomas Cook staff made redundant – and not knowing whether they had money coming in to support themselves and their families – have been spotlighted in the press assisting passengers abroad at accommodation units and at airports. If those individuals could be found and named then they thoroughly deserve to be named and praised for their customer service abilities.

On the other hand, TUI which owes millions to passengers who have suffered late or cancelled flights still await payment because appalling customer service within the group means that payments take months if not years. Perhaps they should hire some of the customer-friendly staff from Thomas Cook?

In the wider context I shall be interested to see how much publicity customer service generates next week, how many instances we will see of good customer service and hw many people – when asked – even know that it is a special week!

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