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It was reported fairly widely last week that IHG (their hotel brands include InterContinental, Holiday Inn, Kimpton, Regent, Even, Staybridge Suites and Crowne Plaza) were going to remove their miniature bottles of toiletries by 2021 and replace them with a squeezable and refillable bottle.

hotel bathroom
in IHG hotel bathrooms in the future there will be no miniature toiletries

Given the media reaction and interest you would have thought that this was a fundamental change in the hospitality industry. It isn’t. Some other hotel chains, such as Ibis, (owned by Accor) switched years ago. Their reasoning there wasn’t necessarily to help the environment but to cut down on costs and waste because hotel guests purloined the items. A single, refillable container which was attached to the wall was more economic and couldn’t be easily taken by guests.

Hotels started putting up signs in their bathrooms indicating that towels hung up would mean that guests would use them again whilst placing them on the floor indicated you wanted them washed. Claiming to be environmentally friendly, hotels urged you to show that you cared about the environment whilst they themselves saved on washing costs but offered nothing back to the guest other than making them feel better for their concern for the environment.

The latest worldwide interest in reducing the use of plastics gives hotel chains the world over the opportunity to remove these little bottles they stock and replace them with something that is more recyclable.

Will other hotel chains follow IHG? In the past, hotel chains have differentiated their hotels from others by the toiletries on offer. They can still do the same but by using glass strong bottles that can be refilled or by attaching containers (made of biodegradable plastic) to the bathroom walls.

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