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The specialist airline consultancy OAG has just released the list of airports and their punctuality ratings.

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But before I mention the good and the bad I should say that not every airport is included in the list – only those that want to benchmark themselves against others are included. Others – for any variety of reasons – chose not to participate. It means that only twenty-one British and Irish airports are included in the comparison with some major airports like Stansted, Edinburgh and Southampton missing from the list.

Garnering a five star rating and the airport from the UK and Ireland highest up the list is Liverpool John Lennon. After assessing 35,262 flights it achieved its five star status with a score of 85.48. In previous ratings Liverpool issued by OAG, Liverpool has done pretty well so this consistency is one thing that passengers should applaud. Whilst every airport can have an off day or two, Liverpool is more likely than not to be pretty punctual.

It is the only airport in the UK and Ireland to achieve five star status and joins Tenerife Norte, Dortmund, Beauvais and Milan-Linate as being the only European airlines achieving that prized status.

With four stars are Kirkwall, Cork, Belfast George Best, all of which achieved scores of between 81 and 84. That Kirkwall was just 1.48 points behind Liverpool  shows how close the difference can be between four and five star status.

If the airports above were the best in the analysis, which were the worst?

Manchester was the worst airport amongst the twenty-one for punctuality achieving a score of 66.42. Gatwick was only a few places better, managing a score of 68.79 and East Midlands achieved 69.97. Dublin didn’t score much better getting 70.43 and rounded off the four British and Irish airports that only garnered a single star status.

Lest you think that big airports don’t do particularly well in these sorts of studies, I refer you to Tokyo’s Haneda Airport. Even though it had 504, 719 flights monitored it achieved a five star ranking with a score of 86.40 proving that giant airports can be very punctual if they try.

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