Five years of trials

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I admit it, I’m a grouch.

New scanners by 2022 mean liquids can stay in your hand-baggage.

Five years is too long for implantation. It should take much less time.

What am I moaning about? Heathrow. In particular I am impatient for the airport to introduce the new scanning equipment that will mean we no longer have to take liquids out of our hand luggage. That single move will reduce the queues and remove some of the bad temper felt by other passengers when the person in front of you in the queue forgets that they still have one elusive phial of liquid to find at the bottom of their capacious bag!

It isn’t all good news. It seems that even after the scanning kit is introduced we still will be limited to taking liquids in no more than 100 ml sizes – we just won’t have to take them out of our bags. Why? Does carrying 200ml instead of 100ml make all the difference? At the moment cosmetic and other suppliers are making money out of the smaller travel sizes. Remove the limit and we can just take the ordinary sized containers we buy normally. And that would include the 3330 or 500ml water bottles.

For those of us who can remember before liquids were a problem in hand luggage a return to those days will be bliss. Until we realise that not every UK and Irish, European and other airports aren’t installing them yet and that we have to face the same annoying task on our return journey.

Heathrow started trialling the equipment in 2017 so, two years into those tests why will it take another three years before it is all in place? Heathrow doesn’t tell us the answer. You might think I am being ungrateful by wanting a faster introduction but I just can’t be pleased. I want the changeover now.

And whilst I am having a moan, when we stop taking our laptops out of our bags and when can we stop removing our belts – and in a few cases – particular types of shoes and boots?

And when are other UK and Irish airports going to buy the same equipment?

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