Good value in Spain?

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The latest research from Post Office Money suggests that the vast majority of us are still planning to travel abroad despite Brexit and the effect that this had on the value of the pound.

As with all surveys though, it might have been the view at the time the interviews were carried out but in the last couple of weeks the pound has declined a bit further against the euro so some people may have changed their views.

But it takes a lot to persuade us to ditch our holidays and this survey reinforces a fairly established view that our holidays are pretty much sacrosanct!. Just 3% of the responders said they would avoid countries in the Eurozone because of high prices.

According to the Post Office, about two-thirds of us will travel abroad but that just 6% of us will increase their budgets over last year. That figure is the lowest for a while suggesting that the value of the pound is having some effect on our thinking. This year couples are planning on spending an average of £717.

When it comes to which destinations provide the best value, the perception amongst responders suggests that mainland Spain offers the best value followed by Greece and Bulgaria. Croatia, Portugal, Turkey, Thailand, the Canary Islands, Cyprus and the Balearics round off the top ten countries.

The destinations seen as providing the least value are Dubai and the Scandinavian countries.

But as I said, this is perception, rather than fact and countries outside the Eurozone could be a lot cheaper as their currencies have declined against the pound.

Good value is more than just a monetary consideration. It also means what there is available to see, the attractions and amenities, the ability to travel around easily and the ambience of the location. Therefore interviewees often select a destination over a less expensive one because of the additional benefits. 

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