Do you feel embarrassed?

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It is claimed that many of us are self-conscious about being British. Whilst 45% may be unconcerned, 55% of us say that they will go to great lengths not to disclose their nationality to fellow holiday makers.

If you are like this on holiday maybe you should be embarrassed? © Dan Sperrin

This comes from some research commissioned by

Among its more intriguing conclusions are that many of us will try to avoid making friends with other Britons whilst abroad with 72% saying that they “recoil” at the sound of a British accent when abroad.

Would you believe that the same research suggest that as many as 12% have refused to take a lift with other hotel guests, to prevent the possibility of small talk!

About 11% of us have avoided going to breakfast, so as to not have to speak with anyone, while 8% have even pretended not to speak English, to avoid the prospect of having to make British holiday friends.  It is claimed that 7% of us have “run away” from a fellow British holiday maker and 5% have gone to greater lengths by actually hiding, so they wouldn’t get caught in conversation.

Why should this antipathy to fellow countrymen and women exist? The company thinks that it is due to the British reputation for excessive drinking, (49% said this) ignorance of the host country’s culture (46%) and the constant wearing of football shirts (32%). Around 22% said they hated the way when you meet someone from the same city, they assume you’ll be pals, and 5% said they didn’t like the way Brits grab sun loungers at the pool.  And this is the statement that I really like. “18 percent hate to see sunburnt fellow Brits as it’s so uncouth.” 

Who are these people that have been interviewed? Are they really representative of all of us or are they just a small collection of shy, wouldn’t say boo-to-a-goose type individuals who probably should have stayed in their quiet little sheltered lives at home?

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