Restoration at the Parthenon

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If you holiday or even pay a fleeting trip to Athens there is every chance that you will visit the Parthenon, the temple on the Acropolis, certainly one of the greatest survivors from the golden age of ancient Greece.

Parthenon © GNTO

Constructed over just nine years, some 2,400 years ago, the Parthenon has been ravaged by time and not just recent industrial pollutants in the suburbs. As far back as 1975, restoration started and it has continued ever since. That means that few under the age of fifty have seen the full impact of the temple because workers have been involved in one part or another.

That work was due for completion next year and I thought I might be able to see the temple unadorned by the livery of workers for the first time in my life.

I am to be disappointed as it has now been decided to reconstruct the north wall of the chamber.

But it might be worth waiting because hundreds of marble fragments found all over the site are likely to be re-used in the chamber. It is improbable that all the marble that was affixed to the wall has been found so additional marble from Mt Pendeli will be quarried and prepared to complete the jigsaw of what the wall looked like.  

Greece’s Archaeological Council says that the work is crucial claiming that, when completed a greater understanding into the identity and history of the temple will become apparent and that we visitors will gain a better understanding of the architecture. Having waited over forty years I guess I can hang on for another fifteen to see what the inner chamber and the north wall of the Parthenon on looked when it was at its most glorious.

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