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As I mentioned a little while ago, the US government was planning changes to the applications for a visitor permit. The new rules have been implemented and from now on when you apply you will need to reveal more about yourself.

Except not Britons or Irish. Or people from another 38 countries.

But from the way the media has reported it you would have thought that every person was affected. The New York Times ran a story a few months ago saying Britons would be unaffected. There is nothing on the Homeland Security website to say that Britons/Irish would be affected and the Foreign Office has sent out no press notice suggesting that we have to supply all this information  either

At that time, the forms asked about thirteen social media sites plus “other”. Then it was ASKfm, Facebook, Flickr, GitHub, Google+, Instagram,, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, Vine, VKontakte (VK) and YouTube.

Then it was optional.

Now it is becoming mandatory. And it isn’t just the current accounts that you have. Passwords and accounts that you might have had during the last five years are also wanted. Can you remember all the passwords that you have used?  I have about fifteen different passwords and I change them reasonably often. Some can be twenty to twenty five characters long as we get more and more advice on making them even stronger than the ones we had a while ago. That would mean that over five years, I might have used about a hundred different passwords. And as I change one I don’t bother to keep a list of expired ones. What chancehave I of locating all the ones I have used. How many people are in a similar position?

After Facebook data was used by Cambridge Analytica, members were advised to change passwords. How many did is unknown but did those that change remember their old ones?

I’m glad I live in one of the forty countries because otherwise I think would struggle.

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