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Being half-term, I’ve received a few press releases relating to the week but perhaps the most interesting one is from Qualtrics, a company that describes itself as an “experience management company”.

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Idyllic bliss! Does it exist on holidays

They say that based on research they had commissioned, 46% of parents admit to wanting a holiday without their children. The research also suggests that 28% of parents of children aged 10 to 15 years are the most reluctant to travel as a family compared to only 18% with toddlers aged one to four years old.

Conversely, 87% of parents with children over 18 years want to holiday with their adult children.  

You can read the research in an entirely different way. 54% of us do actually want to holiday with our children; 72% of us want to travel with those of our children aged 10-15 and 82% want to travel with our babies and toddlers!

What I find surprising is that with children and teenagers being at the most difficult from about 12-17, any parent wants to travel with them at all. At that age, they don’t want to do much that involves their parents, nothing is right for them and they seem to live in perpetual rebellion against life as it is meted out to them. But maybe the sample size of parents is biased to those with children just below their teenage years. The years of rebellion and parent anguish have yet to be entered!

Remember the study also suggested that 18% of us don’t want with under fours. Frankly, when my kids were that age I’d have preferred to travel without them as it least it would have meant I could have got some sleep. But it is frowned upon to leave the little darlings at home on their own much as one would like to. Rather than risk the unsympathetic arms of the judiciary, we largely stayed at home and made do with visits to relatives and day trips.

And as for going on holiday with university age kids, the thought is unpleasant to contemplate. At that age they never seem to have money, sponge on you and have completely different interests.

I think I have just persuaded myself to never go on holiday with kids. Luckily mine are grown-up and have left home! 

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