Is there a hot summer on the way?

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Tour operators, travel agents and airlines are getting concerned. With bookings down apart from cruise ships and some specialist holidays a surprisingly high number of people haven’t booked their summer holidays yet.

Bournemouth beach
Busy Bournemouth. Might it and other domestic holiday destinations have a good year? Again!

With this weekend having been a pretty good one, some in the travel trade are wondering whether it will be another summer where people holidayed at home.

What they ideally want a couple of weeks of cold temperatures, driving rain and gloom. That usually makes people book but I think the trade will be disappointed.

Because most tour operators have no domestic holidays on offer they all want you to travel abroad. Perhaps they are now reconsidering their business plans and wondering about operating holidays at home.

Instead they are discounting so – apart from Spain – there are bargains to be had.

The Barclays Annual Travel Forum revealed that April bookings had picked up for a few products but, anecdotally, it seems that many holiday companies have greater stocks of unsold holidays than they would like to admit. Some were suggesting that bookings in June could be a third down on this time last year and that August was also down.

In a very unrepresentative sample of travel agents I rang at the end of last week, May isn’t looking brilliant either. Unless you are all going to buy holidays this weekend!

Forecasters still are forecasting an upsurge in bookings over the next two months but their forecast could change if there is good weather at home. And how reliable have forecasters been?

The industry is hoping that you will go and buy that holiday now or, at the latest, tomorrow.

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