Merry-go-round time again

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In the confusion of Theresa May’s final 48 hours in office this week you might have missed the fact that there was a government reshuffle.

Our new tourism minister, Rebeca Pow.

The result? We have yet another tourism minister.

Every time we have a change of minister, I fel I write ,much the same thing. Apologies to readers who remember what I have writen before but it does ned saying that tourism is mistreated by the Westminster parliament.

After just sixteen months in charge, Michael Elis has been promoted to the transport ministry and Rebeca Pow, MP for Taunton Deane, becomes the eighth tourism minister in ten years. Or it might be the ninth given that David Evennett stood in for Tracey Crouch when she was on maternity leave.

One again at Westminster, the tourism brief is kicked around as though it doesn’t matter tuppence about its existence. No MP seems to view it other than a s stepping stone to something more interesting. Nobody appears to see it as being important enough to consider it as a job they want. They certainly don’t see it as a pinnacle of achievement in government service.

There is no consistancy and few ministers probably planed for longer than they could se themselves in the role. Nobody has jumped for joy and said that it was the one post they wanted!

Yet, as I have written before, tourism is a vital industry capable of quickly boosting an economy or depressing it of things go wrong. Countries around the world are boosting their approach to tourism. African countries have recently got together to create a pan African tourism federation to promote the continent as a whole.

In many countries, tourism is a cabinet job. Not in the UK. Governments of either persuasion generally couldn’t care about tourism and show it year-after-year with their disdain for its role.

Pow is a Somerset MP and, in a county where tourism is important, she might be expected to be more enthusiastic in the role than some of her predecessors. She has at least spoken in tourism debates prior to getting the job as tourism minister!

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