Strife at Luton airport?

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Today, security staff at Luton Airport will be striking for the next twelve days.

Luton Airport

However passengers need not be too alarmed. Or at the moment they shouldn’t be.

The reason is that the strike only involves 120 security guards. Secondly, I n a previous strike it didn’t seem to make much difference.

However, these staff are responsible for searches, baggage checks and general security across the airport so there is always the potential for the impact to be greater on any particular shift. It doesn’t even affect all the security staff at the airport so do not think for a moment that there will be a reduction in security.

The airport says that it has “robust contingency plans” in place and, if things run to the same form as during the previous strike, delays are likely to be no more than about five minutes.

Anybody using the airport from today which, of course, includes the bank holiday weekend and until Monday evening on June 3rd should probably allow some extra time just in case the delays get worse than anticipated.

As we near summer travellers can expect there to be more disruption particularly in Europe where travel industry workers have a habit of targeting peak times to demand more pay, better conditions or some other reason. This is not to say that any claims may not be warranted. It is just that in order to get to the best possible negotiating stance they have to inconvenience the greatest number of passengers and travellers.  And that is from now until early September.

In addition to the strike at Luton, there is a one-day strike today which will affect some Scottish airports. Benbecula, Dundee, Inverness, Kirkwall, Stornoway and Sumburgh will all be closed today with all flights cancelled. All other Scottish airports remain open.

The best advice is to check with the Twitter feeds from the airline, tour operator or destination and check their websites as well.

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