The photo phenomenon

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According to some research from easyJet, 55% of us have been prompted to book a holiday after seeing photographs of it on Instagram and other social media sites.

100,000 images from the last twenty years were put on an easyjet plane on its 20th birthday.

The airline goes on to suggest that 39% of actually booked a holiday based on how “Instagrammable” the destination appeared to be and that 30% of us go on holiday “solely for ‘Insta-gratification’ – filling their newsfeed with pics to get likes.”  36% said that they would book a holiday destination solely based on its representation on social media.

Results also revealed, the airline says, that Brits spend over a day and a half* setting up, posing and taking on average 2,530 photos during a week’s holiday.

You may not be surprised by these claims given that easyJet have an app called “Look & Book” which allows people to see images and then book trips to the destination of the image.

Is it coincidental then that this research seems to point to many of us being so shallow that we will book based on just a couple of images, images which have possibly been taken to show the benefits of a destination rather than the whole truth about it.   

Turn the data findings around however and it shows that 45% of us are not influenced to book a holiday based on social media images. Just under two-thirds 61% – of us are not that concerned about how “Instagrammable” a destination is and 64% of us wouldn’t book a trip solely based on how it is perceived on social media. Interpreting the survey results this way seems a little more realistic.

Do easyJet responders really spend a day and a half out of seven doing nothing more than taking snaps? that would mean over a fifth of their entire holiday is spent doing nothing more than publicising a destination and or, to put it politely, collating holiday memories.

Nonetheless, the poser of social media and holiday photographs being posted on line is growing and becoming more of an issue for destinations. Just as it is easy for those uploading images to show the delights of a place it is also within their power to show the worst areas or things they don’t like or find off-putting.


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