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Reports circulating in Thailand and confirmed by the Ministry of Tourism suggest that there is a proposal being considered cash is given to tourists so that they visit less well-known places.

Pattaya – Jomtien Beach. Obviously as a popular tourist destination, Thai tourism won’t have to pay anyone to travel there. Image © Tourism Authority of Thailand

Apparently up to 1,500 baht (about £36 or €42) is being considered as payment to Thais to encourage trips to destinations with small visitor numbers. By doing so I would imagine the ministry thinks that those who were pleased with what they found at these destinations would tell others and thus boost tourism to the area.

On the other hand it could be that it canny Thais will pocket the £36 from one trip without necessarily endorsing the delights of the area. The might even turn it into a little business and make regular trips to the out-of-the way places! If you were paid, would you write a glowing review regardless of whether you enjoyed yourself or not?

But will this marketing ploy work? Is it better to pay a couple of hundred people rather than introduce an attraction in these places that would stimulate tourism?

If a country announced that they would do this to stimulate tourism and then named places then that publicity alone would generate some interest. But the ministry hasn’t named anywhere yet so it might have lost the marketing initiative.

Take the UK as an example. Think of a place you consider that you would never visit. Would £36 convince you to go there? Over the decade that I have been writing in Just about Travel, there are very places that I can say, truthfully, that I found nothing of interest. There are some and no money would induce me to say good things when I thought there were none to be said. My attitude is that I just don’t write about them or tread their pavements again.

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