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This is what travel companies must do according to Qualtrics, a company specialising in helping clients understand their customers. But you might have thought that this piece of advice was pretty obvious. Why even Ryanair says that it does that as do most companies though the truth may not be so apparent.

do you book through the same tour operator each time?

The company says that the survey found that only 8% are booking their holidays through the same package holiday company every time and that this, demonstrated a distinct lack of brand loyalty.

If this is the case and loyalty is so unimportant for most of us, then how do holidaymakers decide who gets their business?

It looks as though 81% of us shop around for the best deals but that still leaves 29% who don’t. The survey records that only 28% of responders say that ‘finding a cheap deal’ is the reason for booking. Obviously a best deal doesn’t necessarily mean a cheap deal. Indeed 40% admit that they will often end up spending more on their holiday than they can actually afford.

The company claims that there is “a disconnect between what holidaymakers are looking for and what brands are offering.” It goes on to say that there is “a real opportunity for travel companies to become regular ‘go-to’ options for those booking holidays. To achieve this, however, travel brands can’t just rely on offers and deals. “They need to focus on listening to what customers really want”

Most tour operators to whom I have spoken would say that the repeat bookings percentage is much higher than 8%. Some claim that it is better than a third with a few even claiming that as much as half of their business is made up of repeat bookers. This figure is more likely to be higher for small companies where staff almost know the names of every one of their customers.

In the cruise business, there are said to be people who will only travel with one cruise company. They are P&O people or Celebrity or Saga and take as many as five or six cruises a year with that same company.

Should industry talk be considered as reliable as the survey? That, I leave to you to decide.

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