Anybody seen a wife?

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With the great Easter getaway starting, one thing that can almost be guaranteed is that at least one reader will lose something whether it be on a plane, a train, a ship or even something accidentally being dropped when you open a car door.

Perplexed © Dan Sperrin

If you lost something – after checking you had been in the last couple of hours – what would you do? Report it to the police?

If you are in England and Wales, that isn’t the thing to do. No, I didn’t know that either until an e-mail dropped on my desk from Loco2 – the European train and bus booking site and lost property website, FindMyLostt. Apparently, it was last October when all UK police forces stopped reporting or handling lost property items. 80% of UK adults are still unaware of the change according to a survey carried out by the two companies.

What should you do? Unsurprisingly FindMyLost says that you should list it on their website but there are rivals as well.

But if you find a mobile or a notebook then the police will still be a place to which report it. If a passport is lost report it to the Passport Office, credit cards to your issuing company and after that you are pretty much on your own. Lose something on a train, coach, plane or at an airport and you should report it to the company concerned.

In which case, it is only if you think you have lost something in the street that you need to decide who to report the loss to. But a theft is different. If you think your property has been stolen then you should still report it to the police because that is still a crime.

The interesting feature when this sort of e-mail comes in is that the companies using list what is commonly lost and then add some of the more unusual ones. From these two companies, the common items mislaid are Android smartphones, tablets, bracelets, shopping trollies and watches. And the list of odd things lost include a raccoon, a wife, (How can you lose a wife? Surely this was a deliberate act?) a Picasso painting, dirty socks (who takes their socks off in public?) and bottles of wine.

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