Forget hot weather; we want good restaurants

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As millions of us head off on an Easter weekend break or even a couple of weeks, what is that we seek from a holiday?

what we want are good local restaurants when we go abroad

According to James Villas which has commissioned some independent research, a good, local restaurant is our top priority but that, of course, only applies to those of us travelling abroad. That was the only desire that achieved a majority amongst all those who completed the research.

Surprisingly this beats what many people might expect to be one of the main reasons for holidaying abroad – hot weather! And it also beats having a beach nearby  (in fact 61% or respondents didn’t opt for a beach which might confirm the current trend away from beach holidays towards city and short breaks) and the need for local bars or clubs for an evening out.

Less than a third of us wanted a swimming pool and less than a quarter wanted to be nearby cultural or historical attractions. That we wanted to really relax might be suggested by the fact that just 13% of us wanted a kitchen and that we didn’t want to explore might be indicated because just 12% of us wanted a car whilst we were on holiday.

Apart from these tangible things what we wanted more than anything was privacy. Female respondents are more likely to prioritise privacy, with 90% of women and 80% of men agreeing with the statement. 

What we didn’t like, according to the survey, and which will resonate with many are noisy neighbours with 41% saying this annoys them about hotels. 40% disliked expensive food or drink and 39% said that poor-quality amenities such as bad showers, low-quality sheets or pillows, bothered them when staying in hotels.

Other pet peeves included hotels being different than advertised (24%), not having one’s own space outside of the bedroom (19%), and a lack of facilities to cook for oneself (12%). 

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