Cometh holiday time, cometh a strike

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You know when you are getting close to holiday times because airport staff, air traffic controllers, train staff, ferry crews or airline staff decide that it is time to strike

a beach in the Canary islands
The Canary Isles where flights will be impacted by the strike. Allow more time to get though the controls

This time it is Spanish airport and rail staff staff that are striking.

The strikes began at the busiest airport in the country – Madrid’s Barajas Airport on April 12th and there seems to be no end date. Delays on Sunday were well over 90 minutes long to get through security controls for passengers.

Probably of more significance to British and Irish holidaymakers is that airport ground handling staff at all Spanish airports including those in the Balearics and Canaries are due to strike on both April 21st and April 24th .

Because the strike is still a few days away it is possible that it might get settled just as the strike by Air Nostrum (a local Spanish regional airline) pilots was settled after it caused a large amount of disruption earlier this week.

If you use the railway then be prepared for a two hour strike every day between tomorrow and April 28th by security guards. Then on April 23rd there will be a day long strike by train drivers which has been planned so that it conflicts with when many Spaniards will be returning from their Easter break.

Tour operators usually recommend that you look at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office Travel Advisory website for the latest advice but it still hasn’t recorded that the Air Nostrum strike has been settled. It might be better to look at the El Pais English language website instead as their coverage is a little bit more up-to-date.

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