Portugal welcomes Britons

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In five days’ time the UK might leave the EU. Although that seems unlikely now that the UK has asked for another extension and the EU seems likely to agree to an extension of some sort it hasn’t stopped countries from imagining what life might be like if there is a Brexit without agreement.

Algarve – a destination where Britons flock in their hundreds of thousands

Portugal is the latest company to do some crystal ball gazing but its main concern is tourism. Like many Mediterranean countries, Portugal sees a lot of British visitors each year, in excess of 2.3 million out of the twenty million who visit the country each year. We head to the Algarve in huge numbers so that in summer it almost seems like the airport in Faro is a British enclave. Lisbon is a big city break destination and northern Portugal sees visitors to the Porto region not just for the port but for the culture of the region.

Portugal has a website reminding Britons that there will be a welcome for them in Portugal. Entitled Brelcome, it starts by saying, “You are part of our history and together, as allies, we changed the course of the world. No border will separate us.”

Portugal is the UK’s oldest ally, the pact being 633 years old. The Anglo-Portuguese Alliance was signed on the ninth of May 1386, which is well before many countries we know today came into being. That links in with the slogan being used that Portugal will never leave the UK; the sand, sunset, waves and flavours will always be there and, presumably, welcoming for British tourists.

The appeal coincides with the “Lisbon Fish and Flavours” festival which starts today and runs for eleven days. This festival celebrates Portuguese cuisine with demonstrations and participating restaurants providing menus so visitors and locals can sample different foods.

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