April Fools’ Day in travel

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Yesterday was, of course the great day when reading, listening or watching the news can be fraught. Given the Brexit antics how easy is it to spot an April Fools’ joke?

Popping into my in-box was a press release from Emerald Waterways announcing that it would launch a water-skiing and paragliding programme from the back of its vessels. Given that they are involved with river cruises where speed limits are enforced, it might have made some people wonder. That there was a quote from European Excitement Director, Olaf Prilo, (rearrange the letters and see what you get) and that the story came on Friday but with an embargo until April 1st and it was obvious this story was designed for yesterday!

water ski-ing along the rivers with Emerald Waterways?

Apex Hotels have announced a new way for its guests to see Edinburgh. It will develop an aerial gondola which will run directly from hotel group’s Grassmarket property into Edinburgh Castle’s Esplanade, in front of the fortifications, at the top of the Royal Mile.  They are also looking at the possibility of operating eight, four-person gondolas, “which would travel the 200-metre roundtrip from the hotel’s roof to the castle in less than ten minutes.” And the spokesperson for the hotel? Her name is Poppy Cox!

the gondola proposed by Apex Hotels. CGI Image – ISA Architects

In this digital age, one company wonders why you would want to leave the comfort of your own armchair. A joint initiative by If Only… and company AloofVR. (re-adjust the middle letters) says, “Customers will travel in virtual first class, arriving at their destination to be greeted by a chauffeur driven limo and then taken to a harbour to hop on a seaplane to their Paradise island retreat. They will spend the week in a luxury villa with their own infinity pool and private beach front.” The virtual holiday – costing £1,195 – allows clients to enjoy the sights and sounds of a luxury resort from the comfort of their living rooms. Still you won’t get jet-lagged or sun burnt, you don’t have to buy travel insurance or put up with airline food!

Tucan Travel launched a range of game-show style tours, where customers have to compete to remain on the trip. Travellers work in two’s and are able to vote each other off as the days go by, with the winning couple announced on the final day.  There are three tours on offer one where you catch a fish with you bare hands and impersonating Lara Croft; another where you have to get ten different animals in one image and participate in a silent bungee jump contest and the last could be the most difficult. You have to get a selfie with Theresa May which may be a doddle compared to the other tasks like posing as a gondolier in Venice and taking part in an opera in Vienna.

The Australian airline, Jetstar announced flights to an island off the coast of Tasmania called Laerton Island (read the name of the island backwards) and Wotif, an Australian online booking platform announced that it would start a new airline called Emu Airlines specifically for tall people.

And of course, there was Just about Travel’s own little contribution with our story about people living in the UK requiring passports to be in English and an EU language after Brexit.

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