Parc Astérix is 30 and Astérix is 60

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As long as I can remember, Astérix and his bumbling crony Obélix have been around. Sixty years ago this October, René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo created the famous Gaul who harried Roman armies and, since then nearly 400 million copies of the books have been sold.

Image: Parc Astérix

Whilst the appeal originally might have been meant for children, older children (well into their fifties, sixties and seventies) are fans as well.

With such a success it isn’t surprising that it turned into many films and in 1969, thirty years ago, a theme park built around the characters was created some twenty miles north of Paris.

Parc Astérix has 47 attractions and shows set in six worlds. (Gaul, the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece, the Vikings, Travel Through Time and Egypt).  To celebrate the 30th anniversary the owners have a new attraction, Attention Menhir! which has been inspired by immersion cinema. There is a 4D animated film, in a new 300-seat theatre, Les Studios Idéfix. After travelling through the Babaorum’s Camp, visitors take place in dynamic seats and become spectators of a unique story, full of bouncing, soaring, water, wind, smells and so on!

Other attractions include OzIris, the ancient Egyptian attraction, Goudurix, the roller coaster with 7 loop the loops; excitement for Young Gauls in the Forêt d’Idéfix along with thrills and spills for all the family on the Pégase Express ride!

Needless to see the cartoon characters are out and about so you will see Astérix, Obélix, Panoramix, Vitalstatistix, Panacea and Impedimenta. In addition, Numerobis, the Vikings, the Greeks and a Roman patrol will also be strolling around various parts of the attraction. There’ll also be a new magic show to enjoy at Panoramix Theatre.

For the coming season, Parc Astérix opens in three weeks’ time, on the 6th of April, remaining open until November.

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