Cherry blossom in Canada.

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Think cherry blossom and Japan instantly springs to mind. Just about Travel has written stories about the blossom in Japan but also in Taiwan, Spain and Vancouver in Canada.

Edmonton in Alberta as the cherry blossom comes out

But whilst Vancouver might be a key visitor destination in Canada with its Cherry Blossom festival there are other places in Canada as well that you might wish to visit.

On the eastern side of the country in the largest city, Toronto, the blossom is seen in late April and May. Toronto’s High Park, especially the Hillside Gardens area, and the Toronto Islands with a grove of 30 trees, accessible by ferry for a day trip is one of the areas that draws visitors to it.

Bear in mind the times for a visit may change depending on the climate. Check a few weeks before you go to see things are developing so if the worst happens you can plan something else. I say this as one who visited one blossom festival and saw next to nothing as the blossom was very late that year.

Later than Toronto is the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. Here the blossom arrives in May – sometimes late May if it has been a long winter.

Further west in Alberta, they also tend to see cherry blossom in May. Like the first white pioneers to this part of Canada, fruit wines have become popular and cherry laced drinks are available. But, for the blossom, try Edmonton’s Fairmont Mac Courtyard, George F. Hustler Memorial Plaza, the French Quarter, the Victoria Promenade and the Alberta Legislature grounds.

Back in the capital city, Ottawa, the Central Experimental Farm National Historic Site‘s Arboretum along the waterway, is home to many fruit tree varieties including cherries and crab apples Again, it is in May when the blossom is at its best. May is a good time to visit the city as it also in  this month that it hosts the annual Tulip Festival which originated in 1945 as gift from the Netherlands to Canada in gratitude for offering safe harbour for the Royal Dutch Family during WWII.

Unlike many countries where the cherry blossom is over all too briefly, Canada provides the opportunity to see if over a few of the late Spring months.

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